7 May, 2019

El Salvador passes new Migration Law


On April 5, the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador passed the Special Law on Migration. The objective of this law is to regulate matters relating to the movement of citizens and foreign nationals, including citizenship, naturalization, and expediting travel documents within a framework of respect for human rights, in accordance with the Constitution, laws, and international instruments. It likewise covers the organization and functions of the General Directorate of Migration (DGME).

7 May, 2019

Mexico holds Meeting on Municipal Migration Information Centers


Tapachula, Chiapas. The International Organization for Migration (IOM), with the support of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Migration Policy Unit, and municipal governments, held the 2nd Meeting on Municipal Migration Information Centers, in Chiapas, Mexico on April 8-12.

7 May, 2019

First Job Fair for migrants in Mexico City


The Gustavo A. Madero Municipality Job Fair was held April 8-9, 2019 in Mexico City, and 100 companies with over a thousand job vacancies participated.  The Secretariat of Labor and Promotion of Employment and the National Employment Service led this initiative, supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in alliance with the National Migration Institute, and the NGO Sin Fronteras IAP. 

29 April, 2019

Canada will strengthen access to information on regular migration in Central America


The communication pillar of the Regional Migration Program (Mesoamerica Program) of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will be enhanced by contributions from the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada. The objective of the collaboration is to expand the information people in northern Central American countries receive about regular migration pathways and the risks of irregular migration. 

5 April, 2019

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Guatemalan departments discuss the Risks of Irregular Migration for Women and Girls


The Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica-The Caribbean of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) participated in three departmental forums during the month of March to commemorate International Women’s Day, organized in conjunction with the Puentes Project and World Vision. 

The forums were titled “Risks of Irregular Migration for Women and Girls” and panelists participated from the Program and other organizations such as UN Women, the Office of the Prosecutor for Human Rights, and the Attorney General’s Office.

5 April, 2019

IOM guides dialogue to develop a labor integration mechanism for migrants in Mexico

March 20. The International Organization for Migration, through the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica-The Caribbean, held a meeting with the National Employment Service and various civil society organizations with the goal of preparing a needs analysis to improve capacities for labor inclusion of migrants in Mexico.

5 April, 2019

Community leaders and key actors use Communication for Development to prevent irregular migration in the region


In 2018, the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica-The Caribbean of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) selected four communities in Guatemala (Salcajá), Honduras (Cofradía), Mexico (Tapachula), and El Salvador (Ahuachapán) with the goal of implementing communication for development processes aimed at promoting positive behavioral change with respect to migration.  

5 April, 2019

The Caribbean Migration Consultations (CMC) Counter-Trafficking Network holds its second meeting

The meeting included over 50 participants from Caribbean countries, the European Union, and senior representatives of regional and international organizations to discuss and identify effective ways to combat these phenomena in the Caribbean region, through coordinated regional actions.

15 March, 2019

IOM and the Government of Costa Rica present the “Consular Guide to the Repatriation of Costa Ricans Abroad”

In this context, on March 11 the DGME and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) presented the “Consular Guide to the Repatriation of Costa Ricans Abroad,” which aims to improve repatriation of Costa Ricans who return to the country after migrating. 

8 March, 2019

The Migration Governance Framework—What is it, and how can it contribute to my work?

The Migration Governance Framework, known as MiGOF, is a conceptual-institutional framework that incorporates the essential elements for facilitating orderly, safe, regular, and responsible migration and mobility of people through planned and well-managed migration policies. This framework seeks to present, in a consolidated, coherent, and comprehensive way, a set of three principles and three objectives which, if respected and met, would ensure humane and orderly migration and benefit both migrants as well as society in general.