About Us


Building government capacity to manage migration in a sustainable and humane manner.


Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Dominica, Guyana and the Caribbean.

Our 4 pillars are:

Migration Management

Promote well-managed, legal forms of migration and respect of the human rights of migrants:
  • Support legislative reform efforts and the drafting and review of policies, strategies and laws for comprehensive migration management.
  • Evaluate and support the establishment of programs for regular migration in the region.
  • Provide specialized trainings to stakeholders involved in implementing migration related policies and legislation.
  • Promote the integration of migrants in the labor market through inclusive labor migration policies.
  • Strengthen governments' capacities to collect and analyze migration data for the development of evidence-based policies.


Strengthen regional and bilateral cooperation on migration supported by different international organizations:
  • Support the Regional Conference on Migration and strengthen the capacities of member States.
  • Strengthen the capacities of governments and cooperation on migration management related areas and identified priorities in the Caribbean.
  • Strengthen the capacities of stakeholders to enable effective planning, measuring and reporting on migration policies.
  • Improve regional coordination on topics such as labor migration, migration management, combatting migrant smuggling and the protection of migrant children.
  • Provide technical assistance for the creation and strengthening of bilateral cross-border and interinstitutional committees on migration.

Emergency and Crisis Response

Support emergency and crisis preparedness and response to the mobility dimensions of crises:
  • Develop research on resilience, relocation and resettlement capacities in the Caribbean related to emergencies and natural hazards.
  • Support and assess the implementation of best practices and coordination mechanisms to respond to emergencies and the mobility dimensions of crises in the region.
  • Develop tools and operational guidelines, and build the capacities of officers to promote coordinated efforts to manage the mobility dimensions of emergencies and crises.


Information and prevention of irregular migration:
  • Support the design and implementation of participatory and comprehensive communication for development strategies at the national level.
  • Build the capacities of stakeholders to implement information activities that encourage regular migration and other alternatives to irregular migration.
  • Strengthen the capacities of stakeholders to develop awareness-raising activities using communication for development.
  • Strengthen the capacities of local stakeholders to install and support information hubs.
  • Promote easy access to trustworthy migration related information for migrants through IOM’s mobile app, MigApp.