Young People in Tenosique Raised Awareness on Migration Using IOM's Educational Toolkit

5 September, 2018

Mexico. On August 11, 2018, the group Youth and Migration Tenosique, known as “JUMI Tenosique”, conducted a festival in honor of the “International Youth Day”, August 12. The festival was supported by the International Organization for Migration of the United Nations (IOM) through the Mesoamerica Program, the Directorate of Education, Culture, and Recreation of the city council of Tenosique, and RET International.

This activity reached more than 100 people and was led by JUMI Tenosique, which was trained on migration topics by IOM. It served as a platform to present JUMI's work as young people raising awareness on migration topics through activities and resources from IOM’s Educational Toolkit on migration.

The group works with children in community schools, using the methodology of Communication for Development, which advocates for communities to become leaders in developing their own solutions to reach social development goals.

JUMI emphasized the importance of young people and the general population being active agents in the transit communities in which they live. They mentioned the challenges of fighting xenophobia and discrimination, inviting young people to join their group, and contributing to their community.

 Itzel Morales, the local Promoter for IOM, stated that the young people of JUMI are becoming key actors in encouraging local and foreign young people to spread information about the risks of irregular migration, xenophobia, human trafficking, integration, and settlement, among other topics.