Puebla opens first Information Hub for migrants in collaboration with IOM

28 June, 2019


Puebla, Puebla – IOM, through the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica - The Caribbean, and the City Council of Puebla celebrated the opening of the first Information Hub in the state on June 17, with the goal of promoting safe, trustworthy assistance for the migrant population.

During the signing of the agreement and the opening of the Information Hub in Puebla, Christopher Gascon, Chief of Mission of IOM Mexico, stated, “Since 2015, the Information Hubs have been built as spaces for outreach that allow people to request information about procedures and services. Today, as we celebrate the opening of an Information Hub in this state, we are expanding the horizons of this initiative to reach other states such as San Luis Potosí, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Tamaulipas, because the idea is to strengthen this direct assistance network for migrants.”

For her part, the Municipal President of Puebla, Claudia Rivera Vivanco, emphasized, “I appreciate the interest of the International Organization for Migration, which promotes international coordination on migration issues. In the signing of this agreement with the government of the city of Puebla, I am confident will be the first city in the central Mexico to use an Information Hub to provide valuable information to people in the migration process.”

For IOM, collaboration with municipalities is very important to provide these services through a network of Information Hubs, supported by the IOM Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica - The Caribbean. Through its work, the network learns the needs of the migrant population and provides opportunities for communities and public officials to reach out to migrants.

Finally, IOM recognizes as a very good practice the willingness and efforts undertaken by the municipal government of Puebla to solidify an agreement to open an Information Hub. These interinstitutional coordination and collaboration efforts will certainly benefit migrants and their families, giving them better opportunities to reintegrate into their communities and contribute to their development.

For more information, contact Gustavo Gutiérrez, National Coordinator of the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica-The Caribbean, email: gugutierrez@iom.int, or phone +52 55 5536 39 Ext. 103. Or contact Alex Rigol, Project Assistant, at: arigol@iom.int