IOM supports governments agencies during public consultations on the National Development Plan in Mexico

8 March, 2019


Puebla, Mexico – IOM, through the Mesoamerica Program, participated in the First Regional Meeting for the Central Zone on the implementation of the “Comprehensive and Sustainable Strategy for the Protection and Integration of People in Contexts of International Mobility.” This initiative is being driven by the Migration Policy Unit (SEGOB) with the goal of promoting the participation of a variety of actors in the consultation process of the development of the National Development Plan 2019-2024 and the National Migration Policy Program of the government of Mexico.  

The participating institutions in the First Regional Meeting of the Central Zone included the heads of the Migrant Assistance Offices (OFAM), who along with IOM and other actors on migration issues, exchanged ideas on topics such as legislative alignment, the development of State Councils for the protection and integration of people in contexts of mobility, and follow-up mechanisms.  

IOM also had the opportunity to promote its actions within the Mesoamerica Program during this meeting. These include best practices such as the “Migrant Information Hubs,” MigApp, the mobile application for sharing informational content on services for migrants, and E-Campus, the learning platform designed to educate public servants and members of educational institutions, among others, through online courses on migration. Additionally, IOM Mexico shared the experience of a program implemented by IOM in Chile, which is a model example of contributing to migration management and governance through local governments.  

José Carmona, National Coordinator of the Migrant Assistance Offices, recognized the willingness of the present agencies to collaborate, and emphasized the importance of the contributions of IOM in Mexico in connection with the Migration Policy Unit. As a result of this first collaboration, the Mesoamerica Program was included in subsequent regional consultations regarding migration which will be held in northern, southern, eastern, and western Mexico.  

For more information, contact Gustavo Gutiérrez, National Coordinator of the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica - The Caribbean, email:, or phone +52 55 5536 39 Ext. 103, or the Communication & Media department of IOM Mexico, email:, or phone + 52 55 5536 39 22 Ext. 119.