IOM presents technical tools to promote regular migration through universities in El Salvador

8 March, 2019


San Salvador, El Salvador. – The International Organization for Migration (IOM), through the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica – The Caribbean, presented the academic community with two technical tools for information and communication, E-Campus and MigApp, intended to improve the capacity of partners in El Salvador to promote safe, orderly, and regular migration.  

MigApp is a mobile app designed to promote easy access to trustworthy information on migration for migrants and governments. E-Campus, on its part, is a virtual learning platform with courses on migration topics designed by international specialists, now available to the public, which universities can use to enrich the content of their plans of study.  

“These tools are informative, accessible, creative, dynamic, and innovative. I consider it an excellent opportunity for the academic sector and students to improve their knowledge,” said Emely Manzano, a student at Central American University (UCA) who participates in the courses available through E-Campus.   

IOM previously established an agreement with Panamerican University (UPAN) to include some of the courses from the platform in related careers. The material learned by UPAN students was replicated through in-person workshops for young people in areas with limited internet access.   

“Students choose courses depending on their interests, according to the program they are following and what they think would be beneficial in their learning process,” noted Virginia Quintana, a researcher at UPAN.  

To date, 870 Salvadorans have enrolled in the E-Campus platform and 1000 MigApp users are registered in the country.  

“We have gotten a good reception of these tools from our partners in general, but we want to target the academic sector because we are convinced that this will allow us to lay the foundation so that future professionals will be aware of migration issues and will become strategic allies for promoting regular migration,” stated Cecilia Ramírez, National Coordinator of the Regional Migration Program.