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Migrant workers in Colombia. Photo by Rocío Sanz for IOM.

Infosheet: global policy network to promote ethical recruitment

IOM's new Global Policy Network to promote ethical recruitment is focused on addressing shortcomings in regulation and enforcement that can exacerbate vulnerabilities and lead to gaps in the protection of migrant workers. Download the infosheet that describes the pillars on which the network's activities will be conducted.

What is communication for development?

What is communication for development? [Infosheet]

Discover the basic principles of Communication for Development (C4D) and the steps we follow to implement this methodology in communities.

Campaign logo: pensalo 2 veces

C4D in Central America: Think it twice [Summary]

Discover in this document the strategic proposal, audience and key messages built along with participating communities in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, for the development of our new campaign: "Think it twice".

Campaign logo: La verdad, es más seguro si migrás informado

C4D in Tapachula, Mexico: Migrating informed [Summary]

Discover here the strategic proposal with which the Migrating Informed campaign has been adapted to respond to the new challenges posed by COVID-19.

Campaign logo:De boca en boca, la gente se equivoca

C4D in Costa Rica: Mistakes by Word of Mouth [Summary]

Discover in this document the strategic proposal, audience and key messages constructed with the community for the first C4D campaign in Costa Rica.

Illustration of young person with headphones. Title: Summary for C4D Campaigns in Central America and Mexico. September 2020

Summary of Communication for Development campaigns in Central America and Mexico. September 2020

The International Organization for Migration has previously promoted communication for development (C4D) campaigns in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, motivating informed decision-making on alternatives to irregular migration such as local development opportunities, regular migration options and migration regularization with a view to accessing employment options. Learn about the campaigns proposed in 2020, in response to the context of COVID-19. This year, Costa Rica also joins the project.


Mechanisms that facilitate labour migration

Research project on mechanisms that facilitate labour migration

This study aims to address the lack of information on the mechanisms - that is, bilateral or multilateral agreements, memoranda of understanding, temporary work schemes, among others - that exist in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean to facilitate labor migration, as well as their status of implementation and its uses. Discover here the research proposal.

Young man looks at the camera

Temporary employment permit application requirements (Belize)

Learn the requirements to apply for the hiring of foreign workers in Belize or to be a self-employed migrant.

Título del informe sobre fondo amarillo

Results of the information collection process at La Carpio, Costa Rica

The methodology of Communciation for Development (C4D) is currently being implemented in the community of La Carpio, Costa Rica. As a first step, we conducted a baseline, to understand the knowledge, attitudes and practices of young people concerning migration and regularization. Find the results here.

Surveys with young people in the north of Central America, framed by the sanitary emergency caused by COVID-19

Results of poll conducted with young people in the north of Central America, in the context of the sanitary emergency caused by COVID-19

In this document you will find the results of a poll that was conducted to know the perceptions of young people in the communities where C4D campaigns have been implemented in the north of Central América. The focus was international migration and the feasibility of achieving thier goals in the context of COVID-19, and in the medium-term future.