Consultant: Counter Smuggling of Migrants in the Caribbean

Title of the position: Consultant: Counter Smuggling of Migrants in the Caribbean

Workplace: Remote

Type:  Consultancy

Starting date: 15 May 2021                

Objective: Build capacities of relevant government officials of CARICOM Member States in countering the smuggling of migrants and providing draft regional guidelines a draft model legislation on the issue.


Since 2010, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been implementing the Western Hemisphere Migration Capacity-Building Program in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean, which main objective is to contribute to the development and implementation of effective and humane migration policies.

Under this framework, in collaboration with CARICOM IMPACS, IOM proposes to carry out one regional workshop in the Caribbean geared toward government officials to raise awareness of smuggling of migrants with a human rights approach and to develop a series of recommendations and actions to improve practices and to develop counter-smuggling legislation in the CARICOM region. 

CARICOM IMPACS, based on consultations with Member States, has requested IOM support in providing further capacity building in counter-smuggling to its Member States. The proposal to hold one regional meeting on counter-smuggling, in conjunction with IMPACS, was very well received and supported by IMPACS. Specifically, IMPACS has provided the following needs as expressed by its Member States:

  • Conduct country assessments of existing national laws and policies in keeping with the Migrants Smuggling Protocol in 15 Member States, supplementing the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and other related instruments and list any outstanding obligations pursuant to Migrant Smuggling Protocol and under any related Convention.
  • Develop a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures on SoM which could be adopted by Member States utilising a human rights-centred approach to guide police, immigration authorities, and other stakeholders.
  • Provide technical assistance to Member States in the development of national action plans to combat or deal with irregular migration, to include migrant smuggling and all its facets.
  • Conduct one regional training workshop to:

    • Promote interagency coordination to assist victims of related crimes to migrant smuggling.
    • Sensitize Member States on SoM protocol, the rights of migrants and also States’ obligations pursuant to the Convention and Migrant Smuggling Protocol.


The consultant will contribute to the capacity building of government officials and stakeholders through the development and facilitation of one online workshop, in coordination with CARICOM IMPACS, for Member States in combatting trafficking in persons. Concurrently, the consultant will undertake research on national, regional and global counter-smuggling legislation and policies. And, in consultation with CARICOM IMPACS and IOM, the consultant will create policy and implementation guidelines for dealing with cases of smuggling of migrants and a model counter SoM legislation, taking into consideration the Caribbean regional context. The consultant will also undertake one validation/review consultation with CARICOM Members States of the proposed guidelines and model legislation.


The main objective of this consultancy is to build capacities of government officials while providing useful tools for policy makers at the national and regional levels on countering the smuggling of migrants and related crimes.


The consultant will

  • Work under the direct supervision of the Program Support Officer for the Caribbean of the Western Hemisphere Program.
  • Work on behalf of IOM with CARICOM IMPACS in all related areas where necessary.
  • To develop the methodology and agenda for the SoM workshop.
  • To facilitate the workshop sessions in consultation with IOM and CARICOM IMPACS
  • Develop a summary final report including main points discussed, conclusions and recommendations from the workshop
  • Undertake research through desk review and remote interviews on counter-smuggling in person legislation, policy and practice in the Caribbean region, while collecting information on good practices around the world.
  • Based on the research, develop draft regional guidelines and a draft model legislation on the issue.
  • Conduct a final consultation for review/validation of the draft documents.
  • Provide a complementary final report on the consultancy, including recommendations, summary of meetings, expected outcomes, and recommendations for future implementation of the legislation.


            A graduate or post-graduate accredited degree in social sciences, law, international relations, human rights or related field.


  • This consultancy requires academic and technical capacity and professional experience in knowledge and management of migration issues in the Caribbean.
  • Excellent ability to summarize, write and explain complex content in a simple manner.
  • Ability to develop innovative educational proposals through the use of technological resources
  • Experience in research working with government officials and international organizations.


  • Motivated and able to work independently
  • Ability, capacity and management of international legal argumentation in migratory matters.
  • Ability to use legal vocabulary and terminology about migration related issues.
  • Ability to work under pressure and for results (products)
  • Ability to organize activities for the collection of inputs (virtual multidisciplinary workshops, technical meetings, development of collection instruments, tests, and surveys, using electronic platforms).
  • Knowledge and management of qualitative and quantitative resources in English, online databases, websites, search portals, international and IOM sites
  • Ability to write reports, policy briefs, and draft legislation.

8. LANGUAGES: English.

9. DURATION: 12 weeks.  

10. WORKPLACE: Home-based


The total remuneration for the services provided, as well as the products to be delivered for this consultancy will be as follows:

  1. 1st Payment of 25% upon delivery of workplan, agenda and workshop syllabus.  – 30 May.
  2. 2nd Payment of 50% upon delivery of execution of one workshop over the course of two weeks, including disaggregated data about participants and their participation, and the issuance of completion certificates. Draft comprehensive guidelines and a draft model legislation.  – 15 July
  3. 3rd Payment of 25% upon completion of one final meeting to validate and review the developed products. Delivery of final products (final workshop and final reports, final drafts of guidelines and model legislation, roadmap for next steps) based on input from final consultation – 15 August.

How to apply:

The candidate must send: CV, with three work references (name, position, telephone and email), motivation letter of maximum one page in length, technical and financial proposal, work plan, to the email: referring to the vacancy: “Consultancy: Counter Smuggling of Migrants in the Caribbean”.

Lugar de trabajo: 
Fecha limite: 
Martes, Abril 20, 2021