Trafficking in Persons

Educational Toolkit


Ante la trata de personas, reaccionemos en cadena

Performance Video: Start a Chain Reaction to End Human Trafficking

Performance video to raise awareness about human trafficking. Credits: IOM Colombia and Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores of Colombia. 

Decile no a la Trata

No to human trafficking

This animated video shows how you can become a victim of human trafficking in order to educate children and adolescents about it and how to report it. Credits: Presidencia de la Nación, Argentina and UNICEF Argentina.

One minute about migration: The difference between human trafficking and migrants smuggling.

This video explains the difference between human trafficking and migrant smuggling, with examples from North and Central America and the Caribbean. Credits: IOM

Documental El Engaño

The scam

Documentary about human trafficking from the point of view of 7 survivor women in Central America. It won best short film documentary prize on Icarode Guatemala Festival. Credits: Save the Children and Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo.


Esclavos Invisibles

Invisibles slavery

Documentary that tells the stories of 4 young victims of human trafficking and how they survived. Credits: MTV EXIT Campaign, organized by UNICEF, MTV Latinoamérica y Tr3s: MTV, Música and more. Supported by the musical group Calle 13.

La Caldera

The Caldera

The Caldera is an animated video for kids and adolescents that explains migrant smuggling, and tells how to support the victims and how the government and NGOs help in Bolivia. Credits: UNDOC.

Video Qué es la trata de personas

What is human trafficking?

A video about human trafficking concepts which offers statistics about the consequences and effects on the victim and how to prevent this crime. Credits: Derechos Humanos y Pluralismo Cultural.

Se trata de nosotros

It is about us.

8 short films that show different forms of human trafficking. Available on: Credits: Social Development Ministry, Argentina.