Trafficking in Persons

Educational Toolkit


Denuncia la trata

Report human trafficking

Animated video that demonstrate the human trafficking indicators. And how to report this crime. Credits: PNUD Ecuador.

OT - Préparame la Cena (Have dinner ready for me)

Video about human trafficking. 

Radio ad: Look out, you can become a human trafficking victim.

Radio ad about the risks of human trafficking and how to report this crime.

Radio ad: Human trafficking recruitment process

Radio ad about the human trafficking risks for young people. 


Radio Ad: Human trafficking dangers

Radio ad that explains the risks to young people related to human trafficking and how to report this crime. 


Claudia´s story, Part 1

Claudia's story, a human trafficking and labor/sexual exploitation victim and how traffickers works.

OT - Flyer migrant women IOM

Flyer about migrant women. 

CRC - Radio Ad TiP 3

Radio ad about human trafficking.