Regular and Safe Migration

Educational Toolkit


#PlanYourLife: Derribando Muros- music video

Listen to Josue's story, and how he sets goals for himself as he #PlansHisLife. 

This video is part of the communication for development (C4D) campaign created in Honduras along with the community, and using IOMX methodologies. Its aim is to inform migrants about safe migration and local alternatives in their communities. 

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The Tale of the Lion and the Coyote

Costa Rican band Talawa Reggae Army had a dream: to share their music with people from a lot of countries. However, the road was more dangerous than they could have imagined, and now they are devoted to raising awareness about the risks of irregular migration.

Download this picture book to discuss the issue with children.

IOM Resettlement Operations

This video provides information about IOM resettlement operations. Credits: IOM-UN Migration


OT - Flyer migrant women IOM

Flyer about migrant women. 

Video: Social labels

This video is about social labels and highlights the similarities between different groups of people. By asking questions, people discover they have many things in common. Credits: TV2 Denmark.

I give you my hand

SSticker from the InformArte en Movimiento Campaign about the importance of integrating the migrant population into the community. 


Let's talk about migration, "vos" version

Poster that you can use to advertise a cultural or arts festival.

Migrant women

Flyer that explains some risks of irregular migration for women.