Educational Toolkit


Script for radio example

Script for radio example to use in the workshop "Radio production about migration", given by IOM through Mesoamerica Program. 

Youth and Migration: A guide for discussion

3 stories based on a study done with young migrants on their way to the United States and the different dangers they encountered on the journey. Each of these has 2 teaching guides that you can use to reflect on them with the group. 

Un Nuevo Hogar para Totoy

A new home for Totoy

A comic for children that explains the feelings children may experience related to migration and integration. Credits: ACNUR

Documental Casa en Tierra Ajena

Home in Foreign Land

“Home in a Foreign Land” is a documentary that tells the stories and dreams of Central American migrants. It also presents the people who stay in their countries to find opportunities. It is based on the book No More Walls, written by the Costa Rican academic Carlos Sandoval, and directed by Ivania Villalobos. Credits: Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Consejo Nacional de Rectores (CONARE).