About us


The program aims to strengthen the personal capacities of governments and civil society actors to develop policies and promote safe, orderly, and regular migration.


Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Caribbean.

Our 4 pillars are:

Migration Management

Promote sustainable and humane migration management:
  • Promote the integration of migrants into the labor market through inclusive labor migration policies.
  • Support legislative reform efforts and the review of policies, strategies, and laws for comprehensive migration management.
  • Provide specialized trainings to the different stakeholders involved in assisting migrants and developing migration policies.
  • Strengthen governments’ capacities to undertake migration data collection and analysis in order to develop evidence-based policies.


Strengthen regional and bilateral cooperation on migration in collaboration with other international organizations:
  • Support the Regional Conference on Migration and strengthen member countries’ capacities.
  • Support the establishment of the Caribbean Migration Consultations.
  • Improve regional coordination on topics such as labor migration, emergency migration management, combating migrant smuggling and human trafficking, diaspora engagement, and health and migration.
  • Provide technical assistance for the creation and strengthening of bilateral cross-border and interinstitutional committees on migration.

Emergency and Crisis Response

Support emergency and crisis preparedness and response to migration flows:
  • Provide regional technical assistance for data collection and information sharing in emergencies and crises.
  • Develop a virtual simulator of mass migration flows to better respond to migration crises and emergencies.
  • Develop capacities and instruments to coordinate the management of migration flows in emergencies and crises.


Improve capacities of partners in each country to undertake public information activities and encourage regular migration:
  • Strengthen the capacities of stakeholders to develop awareness-raising activities based on Communication for Development (C4D).
  • Strengthen the capacities of local stakeholders to install and support information hubs.
  • Promote easy access to trustworthy information for migrants and governments through the mobile app MigApp.