Testimony | Ángel reccounts how danger made him turn back

Juan Ángel García, Honduran migrant, tells us about the dangers he faced during his journey, and how he made the decision to go back to his home country. 

Testimony | Dominica was ill

Dominica started her way along the migrant caravan, but during the journey, she decided to go back to Honduras. Here she shares why. 

Testimony| Luis y Teresa change their expectations

What happened during the journey to make them decide go back home, instead of migrating? Luis and Teresa tell us about their experience. 

Testimony| Lilliam shares the prejudice she met against the caravan

Lilliam decided to migrate 8 months ago. In this video, she explains why she has now decided to return to her country. 

Testimony| How Luis and Teresa returned to Tapachula

Luis and Tresa migrated from El Salvador, but during the journey decided to go back to their home country. In this video they explain what happened.

Testimony | IOM's support for the caravans

Mario Carmona works with IOM in Tapachula. He explains the different services that the organization can offer to migrants. 

Testimony | Mario explains why migrants decide to return

Mario Morales works at The House of the Migrant, in Tecún Umán. There he has listened to the stories of many migrants, and he tells us about their motivations to return to their home countries. 

Testimony | Gloria: "if they are in danger, they cannot go back"

Gloria Aiza, psychologist, explains the information taken into account when deciding if a migrant person can be assisted with a voluntary return.