To prevent the risks of irregular migration and inform on options for regular, orderly and safe migration, the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM), trough the Mesoamerica Program, has developed a toolbox for regional teachers, trainers and educators of children, adolescents and youth who wish to implement actions as part of their daily school activities or in the medium to long-term, within their academic programs.


Why Use this Guide? 

The activities and materials found in this repository have been previously tested in IOM workshops and other activities, where participation and collective development are central to the learning process.

Each activity and material can be used either as part of a lesson that covers a specific subject, or within an annual work plan, giving flexibility to the application and monitoring process. However, our recommendation is that it be carried out systematically and periodically so that changes in attitude and behavior can be achieved in line to the set objectives.


How to use it? 


First, carry out the audience, context, knowledge, and attitude and behavior profile analysis, and establish the key message or main objective. Once this is done, select an activity according to the thematic module that you want to cover, and the most suitable materials according to the characteristics of your audience and other factors such as available time, number of people, technological devices available (example, Internet), financial resources, etc.


For Whom? 


This guide was developed with the intention that it could be implemented for people of different age groups who have different levels of knowledge about migration, including school children, adolescents in educational centers or schools, young people at risk and outside of the education system, and communities. The key to this guide is to perform the right analysis, foster joint development, and the desire to learn and prevent the risks of irregular migration.


Who can implement it? 

An educator or a person from the community who has previous experience as a facilitator or trainer, who is knowledgeable and aware of the issues of migration, and who feels capable of conducting these activities.






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